Brand Strategy

It is a long-term plan for the development of a successful brand in order to achieve specific goals.

A well-defined and executed brand strategy affects all aspects of a business and is directly connected to consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments.

Social media

It is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal,

l. If you use it correctly, you can create a strong personal connection with your prospective customers. .

Step Brand Development Strategy

  • Consider your overall business strategy.
  • Identify your target clients.
  • Research your target client group.
  • Develop your name, logo and tagline

Step 1:
Build an Ark

Nobody should “own” social media strategy in your organization. Social impacts all corners of the company, and should be more like air (everywhere) than like water (you have to go get it). Thus, the first step in the process is to create a cross-functional team to help conceive and operate the rest of the strategy.

Step 2:
Listen and Compare

It’s an old social media strategy chestnut by now, but “listen” is still good advice that’s often ignored. The reality is that your customers (and competitors) will give you a good guide to where and how you should be active in social media, if you broaden your social listening beyond your brand name.

Step 3:
What’s the Point?

Yes, you can use social media to help accomplish several business objectives. But the best social media strategies are those that focus (at least initially) on a more narrow rationale for social. What do you primarily want to use social for? Awareness? Sales? Loyalty and retention? Pick one.




Coming in at over 1.3 billion users,Facebook is the most popular social media network. It's a great place to share rich visual content, and target new users through affordable and effective targeted advertising.


Twitter is the ideal social media tool for staying current with news, comment, and business information.


What you probably don’t know yet, if you are not that familiar with Google+, is that it can boost you search rankings, without too much extra work on your side. By sharing your posts on Google Plus, the search engines will index your content much faster and easier, making your pages rank better.


Your immediate thought may not be what a powerful tool YouTube can be. 100 hours of content is uploaded every minute. It's a search engine in itself. You go there to find music videos, TV clips and yes, cat videos. But it's also a great place to find information.



The report pointed out that Pinterest works well for shopping and finding products because of its image-based design. According to the report, 55% of US internet users indicated their primary use of Pinterest is for finding/shopping for products.


WhatsApp is a great tool for easy instant messaging. Send and receive messages or phone calls for free anywhere Wi-Fi is available, saving you loads of money.


Whether you're using LinkedIn as another online presence, as a social media platform, or for careers purposes, when people search for you, your LinkedIn page will push you up the search results.


Instagram is a mobile, desktop, and Internet-based photo-sharing application and service that allows users to share pictures and videos either publicly
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